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One Family

I have always spoken about family as being something which was very important to me, however this has always been half true. In my youth I didn't really like my nuclear family because they were so African and traditional while I was just...different. They all thought I was a little weird, even spending about a year thinking I was on drugs because I was so secretive and reclusive - and mean me for letting them think that. 
This distance slowly closed over the past decade but I must say that it still exist. I'm still closer to cousins than I am to my siblings and my relationship with my mother, while very dear to me, is still very much at arms length. I suppose for me I've always imagined that this was fine because inevitably I'm going to marry someone and create a nuclear family of my own - so I might as well act like someone who has other priorities.
And so, it is no surprise that one of the longest standing blogs (and drives) that I've had in life has been the dr…

Unity Prayer

Lord I come to you this day as your most humble servant, A servant you have blessed with great talent and challenged with great responsibility. A responsibility to my family, my community and my fellow man. Responsibility to serve and inspire, to be more than an average man. 
I do not ask for your to lift this responsibility from my shoulders, instead I ask for;  Wisdom: to know how to use my talents and of those around me to their fullest potential, wisdom enough to grow through each day.  Strength: to overcome all challenges set before me even those which seem impossible, for nothing is impossible under your guidance O Lord.  Patience: enough to endure and forgive even those things I see as injustice because I am not judge, only a humble servant following the path you have set for me. 
I ask then that you continue to shine your light and your love on me as you have done even at those times when I shunned it.  Guide me always as I continue to be of One Mind pursuing One Goal under y…

One God, One Goal, One Blog

I must say it's been a bit of a challenge accepting some of the realities of the "unified" approach to life. Understandable since all of my adult life has been driven by divisive internal forces which favoured a segmented approach to life. I learnt that the best way to fit in or get what I wanted was to only expose part of myself, only change part of me, only involve a side of the whole. It worked...only part of the time.

And so even with blogging, I have had over a dozen blogs in the past 15 years, none of which being all encompassing - all of them being focused on a segment on my life. Life, love, ambitions, frustrations, creativity - all were channeled through various blogs all written in a dedicated style with dedicated audience. All with varying degrees of success.

I find myself now thinking seriously about my life - perhaps an internal conversation which is 2 years too late since people usually thinking about life at 30. Not me, well perhaps rightfully so, I was e…